The best cards from this Black History Month promo

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In celebration the Mut 22 coins occasion of Black History Month, Madden 22 has released the latest MUT 22 promo that includes six cards that you can add into your Ultimate Team lineup. The new promo was announced during Good Morning Madden first, go here to view the first reveal.

On February 8, 2022 these cards will be accessible for use in Madden Ultimate Team. The cards span from 93 OVR up to the 88 OVR, and there's an out of Position card, too. The players haven't yet made it to the Auction House and won't because they're all in the NAT. But, the packs and sets are now available If you're interested in buying these sets.

The best cards from this Black History Month promo

Based on the type of position you're seeking, the MUT 22 cards from the Black History Month set could be perfect for you.

Our personal favorite is 1993 OVR Lamar Jackson. The 95 SPD and 94 THP make him an excellent choice for reading-option offensives. The pocket escape will be an easy task for Jackson and his speed and throw the ball with ease thanks to his 94 TOR.

Another card from the Madden 22 Mut 22 coins for sale set we believe is quite impressive can be the OOP Najee Harris wide receiver. He's an 93 OVR WR with a 94 SPD and an 96 JMP rating. He's just 6'2" So you'll probably prefer to use him as an oblique wide receiver.


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